Consultancy options

We can help with every aspect of your hemp growing or processing operation - from business planning through to market ready products.  We have a number of associate specialists who can assist with work on projects where necessary.  We have a strict data protection policy and operate under Non Disclosure Agreements when required.  We offer a competitive day rate or a retainer option for longer term projects.

License applications

We have a great deal of experience of applying for Industrial Hemp licenses from the Home Office.  We can visit your site to asses suitability for licensing, assist with an application, advise pre-application, take over an application or apply on your behalf.


Steve has 10 years experience of commercial horticulture and 3 years of specializing in industrial hemp cultivation.  We can advise on soil  suitability,  location viability, fertility requirements and resources, seed resources, machinery, soil preparation, care of the crop, and harvesting.  We can liaise with local contractors for all necessary mechanical works. We can advise and support on projects of all sizes - 5 acres upwards.

Harvesting, seed and stalk

Harvesting is a specialist operation and planning for it should not be overlooked.  We can advise on the when, the how and what types of machinery should be used,  we can locate and liaise with local contractors on your behalf to assist with tasks like combining, threshing, seed dressing, drying and storage of both seed and stalk.  In some instances we have machinery available.

Processing seed for oil and protein products

We can offer a primary processing service that includes the pressing and bottling of omega 3 and 6 rich hemp seed oil.  Our contractors machinery can candle anything from 1 ton to 200 tons per day.

The oil can be processed into soaps and body care products, cosmetics, lubricating oil, fuel oil, candles etc.

The by-product can be used for protein powder, hemp flour or as an ingredient in health food bars and other food products. All food, bodycare and cosmetic products are processed and manufactured in GMP, BRC or ISO9001 compliant factories.  .and offer solutions for utilizing the by product - protein rich seed cake. click here for nutritional values etc

Processing stalk

White label packaging service

Food, cosmetic and Nutraceutical manufacture

Medical cannabis

Specialist systems

  • Security

  • Hydroponics

  • Construction

  • Pharmaceutical SOPs

  • Cannabinoid extraction

  • Neutraceutical manufacture

  • Novel Foods

Ingredient supply to the catering industry

Ingredient supply to the cosmetic industry

We offer a white label service so that your brand can appear over a range of products within 12 months from beginning the licensing discussions.  All our processing, manufacturing and packing contractors have 3rd party accreditation (BRC/GMP/ISO/SA) meaning that your products can pass the stringent testing required to be able to enter the food chain with complete confidence.

Please contact us for details of how we can assist with the manufacture of hemp based foods, cosmetics and CBD and hemp nutraceuticals.  All our manufactures are 3rd party accredited (BRC/GMP/ISO/SA).

We have some experience of the license application process for a Controlled Drugs Handling License in the UK, we can advise pre-application, refer you to specialist lawyers, introduce to you organisations that have been growing medical cannabis for years in Canada and the US.  We understand the market and the distribution for medical cannabis including the Novel Foods situation and offer solutions around the manufacture of neutraceuticals.

The Controlled Drugs handling license requirements are a good deal more stringent than those for an industrial hemp license.  The main considerations for the license application are security, record keeping/SOPs and appropriate end use.  We work with experts in the field - our chemist associate has a knighthood for services to chemistry, our security expert is a world recognised expert in the field of AI security and cannabis production security.   We also work with some of the biggest names in medicinal cannabis in Canada.


We work with organisations that employ various methods of cultivation, hydroponic, aeroponic, vertical farming etc and can draw upon their experience to advise you or offer a bespoke, remotely operated growing system that can produce 450kg of medical cannabis per 100m2 per year.


We can advise on and construct specialist buildings and interiors for indoor cultivation.


We work with one of the worlds leading experts on the super critical extraction of cannabinoids.  We can advise, though him on purchase, design, installation, training, GMP etc.  He is a registered QP and can source the latest extraction machinery, offer training and can also license the whole extraction process.

We work with a number of food manufacturers and can supply seed, seed oil, protein powder, flour, hulled seed or CBD oil.

We work with a number of cosmetic manufacturers and can supply seed oil, CBD oil or isolate.