Hemp Growing 2020

Always ambitious, we took the step of instigating 12 grows around  England, Wales and Scotland, a total of 250 acres, as far apart as Totnes, Aberdeen and South Wales.  We have contracted with many of the farmers to buy the seed from them -  because we are investing £400,000 into the UKs first dedicated hemp seed processing facility, accredited by ISO9001 and the Soil Association. 


The organisation is called UK Hemp and will trade under the name The Great British Hemp Company. 

We will be franchising our operation throughout the UK in the next years, our vision is a totally functioning UK Hemp industry on multiple sites employing loads of people in all aspects - manufacture of soaps and body care products, packing, processing, farming, paper making and textile manufacture.

UK Hemp will operate as a Social Enterprise in all but name, with fantastic triple bottom line -  people, profit and environment being equally important to us.

From the first of November we will be offering a tolling service for the following:

Cold Pressing




Stay tuned for more information!

If youre interested in growing for us in 2021, or interested in becoming a franchisee

or an investor just give me a call.  Steve

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