the Bristol Hemp Company is licensed by the Secretary of State to market and distribute seed in the UK. license no 7661

the Bristol Hemp Company is licensed by the polish government owned institute of natural fibres and medicinal plants to distribute its varieties in the uk 

Poland's government-owned Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants (INFMP) has granted the Bristol Hemp Company exclusive rights to distribute Henola, a newly developed and high yielding industrial hemp cultivar in UK.  Henola and other INFMP hemp varieties will be distributed by the Bristol Hemp Company in the UK.

Witold Czeszak the representative for the INFMP and Head of Hemp Program said "this international partnership is indicative of the Institutes commitment to the global industrial hemp industry. These cultivars are the result of many years of research and development by the institute and we wish the Bristol Hemp company all the best in their endeavors to support an indigenous industrial hemp industry in the UK"

TYGRA £11.39 per kg + carriage, min order 25kg


Henola £15.66 per kg + carriage, min order 25kg


bialobrzeskie £11.39 per kg + carriage, min order 25kg