Hemp and us.

We exist on a warming, over populated and polluted planet.  The decisions that we make about farming hemp and the investments into processing could reverse the extremely disturbing trends that are becoming more obvious daily. 

  • Hemp can replace all of the toxic industries that are responsible for the destruction that we see around us every day. 

  • Fuel, plastic, paper can all be made from hemp.

  • Hemp is a perfect source of plant based protein and omegas.

  • Hemp cultivation sequesters more carbon than any other crop.

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Steve Glover



Steve pioneered Hemp products in the 1990s and urban farming from 2010 - 2019; founding the Severn Project in Bristol. The Severn Project, a multiple award winning social enterprise designed to help socially excluded people gain employment, was described as the most productive urban farm in the UK cultivating and distributing over 3 million packs of salad and herbs throughout the South West in a 10 year period.  He is extremely passionate about cultivating and processing industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis.  Click to see a list of services.

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 The case for the cultivation of hemp


Globally, hemp has been recognised for thousands of years as an extremely versatile, robust and environmentally friendly plant; delivering considerable societal and economic benefits to people and communities - providing employment, food, clothes, shelter, medicine, fuel and nutrition.  In other words, until the 1930s hemp empowered communities.

In the 1030s however the emerging military industrial complex persuaded the U.S. government to ban the cultivation and processing of hemp and the big polluters took over. 


Paper production was switched from hemp to wood pulp, forests were (and are being) destroyed, water sources were poisoned by the chemical processes needed to break wood down into pulp. Hemp paper required no chemicals so whats an industrialist to do?  Lobby for a ban on hemp.  They did.  Click for info

Textile production was switched from hemp to cotton.  Hemp was just too durable and revenues were suffering.  Most cotton is GM, growing it uses 50% of the world’s agricultural water, 25% of all pesticides and it uses herbicides which poison the soil. click for info

Without the input of the hemp industry from the 1930s onwards the development of the oil industry had no competitors and was permitted to rage unchecked towards the destruction of the planet.  Bio-fuels are available made from the fastest growing biomass crop known to man - industrial hemp. click for info

With a growing population, the search for sustainable sources of protein that dont pollute the planet are critical.  The industrialised farming of animals for protein is partially responsible for the destruction of the rain forest and global warming through methane.  Hemp seed provides more protein per gram than beef.  More omega 3 and 6 than salmon.  And it sequesters carbon while doing it. click for info

Other industrial applications for hemp include hempcrete, oils for paints, timber treatments, plastics, insulation, fibre-glass replacement etc. click for info

The Bristol Hemp Company


In 2017 after a great deal of communications with the Home Office, the BHC obtained our first industrial hemp license. 


Building on that success, in 2018 BHC assisted a number of people to obtain licenses (free of charge) and grew 8 acres of hemp as an experiment - we didnt have great advice and manufactured frozen hemp juice - way ahead of our time again, unfortunately... 


In 2019 BHC unexpectedly had to sell the licensed area and concentrated on supporting the associate grows (total of 40 acres) through to seed processing.  BHC can support any part of a hemp business from planning through to supermarket ready products.   


In 2020 so far (Feb) we have 8 industrial hemp licenses underway, partnering with professional farmers with over 2000Ha of land available.  We expect to grow over 150 Ha this year.   Please click here for a full list of services.


Licensing applications:

We can make license applications on behalf of our customers.

Cultivation and harvesting:

We have had 3 years experience of growing industrial hemp and have made contact with organisations and individuals from all over the world.  We can assist in every aspect of your operation.


Hemp seed processing:

We have arrangements in place for the processing of hemp seed into a variety of products for our customers,  We can process anything from 1 ton to 200 tons of hemp seed per day into a variety of different products like soaps and body care products, cosmetics, hemp seed oil, protein powder and flour, health food bars and other food products, lubricating oil, fuel oil, candles etc. All food products are processed in GMP, BRC or ISO9001 compliant factories meaning that your hemp seed can be cultivated, processed and on the shelves within a year - from seed to shelf.

Hemp stalk processing:

We have a customer who requires 30,000 tons of hemp stalk in its natural form for a paper mill.  Please contact us for details.

We can arrange for decortication to be carried out so that you can have chiv and fibre for sale or for your own use in construction, paper making, textiles etc.


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